Ghost Ships of Truk Lagoon

Submerged 70 years in tropical seas, the ghost ships of Truk Lagoon are transformed into lavish artificial reefs covered with the most impressive soft corals in the world. Whether diving from one of the live-aboard vessels or with a land-based dive shop, these wrecks captivate you. Shinkoku One of the largest shipwrecks at 500 feet,… Read More »

Our Black Hole: Part II

In the previous article we explored the anatomy of black holes, how you can build one, and what strange phenomena takes place in their immediate surroundings. This time, we are going to deal with how they originated in the Universe, and how they behave, in particular the Milky Way supermassive beast located in the direction… Read More »

Milky Way: Our Black Hole

They are so strange because physical conditions inside, and in their immediate surroundings, depart drastically from the serene majesty of Newtonian laws and invade the realm of Einstein’s General Relativity (or succeeding deeper theories in the making). Surprisingly, what is inside a black hole is anybodies guess. And it looks it will keep that way,… Read More »

White-faced Ibis

The ibis family also includes spoonbills. There are about thirty- three species of ibises and spoonbills in the world. Five of these ibises live in North America. They are a medium sized wading birds with short tails. The legs are long with partial webs between the toes. The middle toe shows as slightly scalloped. Ibis… Read More »

Black-crowned Night Heron

The Black-crowned Night-Heron is a chunky heron with its stocky, short-legs and short-neck. Both sexes have similar plumage. It appears hunched over with its head usually tucked down into its shoulders in flight and at rest, rarely extending it. Its feathers are gray and white with a specific black cap and a pair of white… Read More »

The Evolution of the British Crime Novel

Crime fiction, or mystery fiction, or detective fiction or whatever you choose to call it, is without a doubt one of the single most popular forms of fiction of this century, and Britain holds a unique position in influencing its development. There can be few people who haven’t heard of Agatha Christie, whose novels, numbering… Read More »

Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense

“I don’t attach any importance to logic. None of my films is based on logic. My films… are based on suspense, not on logic.” Alfred Hitchcock made that comment in an interview in 1967. Hitch was one of two filmmakers-along with Walt Disney- to see his name become synonymous with a certain type of screen… Read More »

Agatha Christie’s Dynamic Duo

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford made their first appearance in The Secret Adversary, Agatha Christie’s second book (1922). At this point in time, Christie regarded her writing as a hobby and according to her autobiography was surprised when her husband suggested that she write a second book to assist with the growing cost of running Ashfield, her… Read More »