Church on the Water by Tadao Ando – Japanese Churches

As with many of Tadao Ando’s structures, the power of the Church on the Water lies in its simple geometric form – in this case two interlocking cubic volumes. One of Ando’s early examples of spiritual architecture, it demonstrates his belief that religions buildings should be at one with nature. Located in the northernmost and […]

Colonial Williamsburg: Ventures into U.S. History

It’s difficult to write about a place that has generated a lot of ink already. For many people, Williamsburg is American history. (Don’t think so? Guess who has the domain name This idea might be troubling were it not Williamsburg’s sterling reputation, which is well deserved. While not strictly the oldest living history museum in the United […]

Some Insights into Man’s History in Space Travel

In the last 60 years, mankind has struggled to overcome numerous obstacles to reach outside of our planet’s atmosphere to learn more about how our solar system works. Since the dawn of man’s venturing into space, first with unmanned instruments, and then later physically, there have been problems encountered and overcome. There have been numerous […]

First Atomic Clock

What if your grandfather clock ticked more than nine billion times a second? Sixty three years ago, scientists created the world’s most punctual clock based on the precise “ticks” of atoms. Atomic clocks. Listen to the tick-tock of your grandfather clock. The steady swing of a pendulum helps the clock keep time. But a pendulum […]

New Attractions in the UNESCO List

List of World Heritage Sites filled with new cultural monuments and natural sights. Now under the protection of this authoritative international organization are the Swiss region of Lavaux near Lake Geneva, tropical rain forests in Madagascar Atsinanany , karst of southern China, the beech forests of the Carpathians, Botanical Landscape Rihtersfeld Reserve in South Africa […]

Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Walt Disney Haunted Mansion… With these words your Ghost Host (voiced by the great Paul Frees, best known as the voice of Boris Badanov from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) welcomes you to one of the World’s all time great dark rides: Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion in Florida. The brooding, […]

Impacts of Global Warming

Scientific evidence shows that the Earth is warming, and humans have contributed to this change. By now, most of us know that the world’s emissions of greenhouse pollutants increase global warming. Most of those gases come from fossil fuels, particularly carbon dioxide or CO2. But very few people are really aware of the consequences of […]

African-American Inventors

Garrett A. Morgan: His most notable inventions included a type of protective respiratory hood, a traffic signal, and a hair-straightening chemical.

We’ve all hear of George Washington Carver inventor who developed over 24 products from peanuts and 118 products from sweet potatoes. But how many of you have heard of Frederick Jones, who invented and received a patent in 1957 for a type of mobile refrigeration that allowed foods to be transported over long distances. Or […]

Natural History Museum: Places to Go in London

From dinosaurs to algae, gemstones to insects, the Natural History Museum has one of the most expansive collections pertaining to natural history. If you’re a science buff or are looking for a place to take the kids, it’s guaranteed to make you lose track of time! There are lichens and algae, dinosaurs and spiders, meteorites […]

Ghost Ships of Truk Lagoon

Submerged 70 years in tropical seas, the ghost ships of Truk Lagoon are transformed into lavish artificial reefs covered with the most impressive soft corals in the world. Whether diving from one of the live-aboard vessels or with a land-based dive shop, these wrecks captivate you. Shinkoku One of the largest shipwrecks at 500 feet, […]

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